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June 2021 Newsletter


This coming June 20 will be Father’s Day. I have been thinking about my own experience as a parent and was reminded of a story I read a few years ago.

May 2021 Newsletter


    Pentecost Sunday will be May 23 this year. Pentecost is the Greek name for the Jewish Festival of Weeks – Shavuot in Hebrew. It is an annual festival in Judaism celebrating the giving of the Torah to Moses.

    April 2021 Newsletter


    Presbyterians at the Kirk will join almost a billion Christians all over the world and celebrate Easter on April 4. We will have triumphant music with hymns and strong hallelujahs. We may even hear a sermon that is inspirational.

    March 2021 Newsletter


      On Sunday morning, after the roads allowed access to the Kirk, we discovered serious damage occurred to the office building during our recent severe winter weather, presumably the result of a ruptured pipe in the ceiling.

      February 2021 Newsletter


        Most of you know the word “lent” is not found in the Bible. It comes from an Old English word related to our word “to lengthen,” referring to the time each spring when the days begin to get longer.

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