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February 2023 Newsletter


    As you know this is the time of year when the Kirk is going through the process of developing a budget and it is a “work in progress.” I would like to share with you the following communication from the Session as they prayerfully go through...

    January 2023 Newsletter


      Many of you know this already. On the Christian calendar, Christmas is not just one day. Instead, Christmas is a season lasting 12 days. Dec. 25 is Christmas, and so are the days following all the way until Jan. 6. Of course, we all remember the...

      December 2022 Newsletter


        Unlike our secular calendars, which begin the New Year on Jan. 1, the Christian new year begins about a month earlier. This year, Nov. 27 marked the beginning of the season of Advent and the Christian new year.

        November 2022 Newsletter


          November is the season for our national thanksgiving. Beginning with our Puritan ancestors and continuing through the Civil War, when it became an official date, we have set aside the fourth Thursday of November as a day to express our gratitude.

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