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October 2020 Newsletter


    Years ago, a professor tried to explain the ancient Hebrew notion of covenant. In her lecture, she made a helpful and, for me, a memorable distinction between a contract and a covenant.

    September 2020 Newsletter


      Though many of us continue to social distance during this coronavirus pandemic, some of us are beginning to venture out in public A to restaurants, stores, and churches. Recently, many Kirk members have been calling and asking about the...

      August 2020 Newsletter


        Most of you are familiar with the work and ministry of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat began almost over 45 years ago in Americus, Ga., when Millard and Linda Fuller, along with Dr. Clarence Jordan, began working on the problem of substandard housing.

        July 2020 Newsletter


          I heard a story on National Public Radio a number of years ago. It was about the isolation felt by soldiers when they return home after serving in the front lines of combat.

          June 2020 Newsletter


            According to the church’s calendar, May 31 is Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost is the Greek name for the Jewish Festival Shavuot — the Feast of Weeks. It commemorates the giving of the Torah to Moses at Mt. Sinai. Shavuot is one of the three...