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May 2018 Newsletter


    Pentecost Sunday will be May 20 this year. Pentecost is the Greek name for the Jewish Festival of Weeks – Shavuot. It is an annual festival in Judaism celebrating the giving of the Torah to Moses.

    April 2018 Newsletter


      With our Christians brothers and sisters all over the world, we Presbyterians at the Kirk will celebrate Easter on April 1. We will have triumphant music with hymns and trumpets and strong hallelujahs. We may even hear an inspirational sermon...

      March 2018 Newsletter


        Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus return to Jerusalem. People laid palm fronds along Jesus path along with their cloaks for him to walk on as he came into the city. It was customary in the day to cover the path for someone thought of high honor and...

        February 2018 Newsletter


          Dating back to the Fourth Century C.E., Lent is a period of reflection, preparation and renewal of the disciplines of faith. The traditional liturgical color for the season is purple, reflecting the church’s focus on penitence and discipleship.

          January 2018 Newsletter


            The festivities of Christmas are now behind us, but on the Christian calendar, Christmas is not just one day. Instead, Christmas is a season lasting 12 days. Jan. 6, for Christians in the west, marks the end of Christmas and the celebration of...