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July 2018 Newsletter


    In a recent conversation with a friend, he parenthetically noted a conversation he shared with a mutual friend of ours by saying, rather derogatorily: “He always wraps himself in the flag.”

    June 2018 Newsletter


      Many of you are aware that the 223rd General Assembly of our Presbyterian Church (USA) will be gathering June 16-23 in St. Louis.

      May 2018 Newsletter


        Pentecost Sunday will be May 20 this year. Pentecost is the Greek name for the Jewish Festival of Weeks – Shavuot. It is an annual festival in Judaism celebrating the giving of the Torah to Moses.

        April 2018 Newsletter


          The Kirk’s Ruth Hamilton is winding down her busy three-year term as Moderator of the Presbytery of Arkansas, the administrative body of church elders and ministers representing approximately 80 local congregations. Since joining the Kirk, Ruth...

          March 2018 Newsletter


            Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus return to Jerusalem. People laid palm fronds along Jesus path along with their cloaks for him to walk on as he came into the city. It was customary in the day to cover the path for someone thought of high honor and...