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March 2019 Newsletter


    March 6th (Ash Wednesday) marks the beginning of this year’s Lenten Season. Our English word “lent” comes from an Anglo-Saxon word which means “to lengthen,” and is associated with the lengthening of days in the spring. This year, I will be...

    February 2019 Newsletter


      Mardi Gras begins on Epiphany and ends the day before Ash Wednesday. The Kirk is celebrating with a Mardi Gras Party in March. All of us are called to be faithful. Whatever our life circumstances, we are all called to do what we can. In ways...

      January 2019 Newsletter


        The New Year marks a time when many of us try to make a fresh start, let go of past mistakes and try to make positive changes in our lives. Some of us even create lists of New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and watch less TV.

        December 2018 Newsletter


          Presbyterian minister and author Fred Buechner once wrote: “For all our efforts, we still have not managed to ruin Christmas.

          November 2018 Newsletter


            Years ago, I heard a college professor speak about the difference between a covenant and a contract. Of course, they are similar concepts, but with an important distinction.