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December 2018 Newsletter


    Presbyterian minister and author Fred Buechner once wrote: “For all our efforts, we still have not managed to ruin Christmas.

    November 2018 Newsletter


      Years ago, I heard a college professor speak about the difference between a covenant and a contract. Of course, they are similar concepts, but with an important distinction.

      October 2018 Newsletter


        World Communion Sunday is on the first Sunday of October. This year it falls on Oct. 7. We will join with Christians all over the world as we come to our Lord’s table and celebrate our unity in Christ. This tradition originated in 1933 at the...

        September 2018 Newsletter


          "Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans" -- Pipers and drummers from Lyon College will escort a parade of Kirk members carrying the tartan of their family clan into the Kirk for a joyous service that will include special music by the Kirk choir...

          August 2018 Newsletter


            The final paragraph of Anne Tyler’s novel, Saint Maybe, has this wonderful line: “People change other people’s lives every day of the year.”